Is the kits Really Safe?

There are 3 reasons to consider our kit is completely safe to be used from younger age.

 No soldering, no mechanical tools to design the circuit.

 No current to be used to do the experiment, the power comes from the power

source which is available in the kit.

 Protection circuit is available on the power source to protect from any short circuits

designed by the users.

Is it a self-learning kit?

Yes it is, but we also provide training in case the user needs.

What is the benefit my kids will earn by using this kit?

This kit will teach your kids the basic and principles of electronics & electricity science

by 100 plus experiments can be done on this kit which can take them to the area of innovations

or having a vocational skill.

Do I need any tools to use a breadboard?

many electronic components are very tiny, and you will find inside your kit these


Many electronics projects use something called a breadboard. Where is a breadboard here, and how do you use it?

A breadboard is a rectangular plastic board , and in our product it called ( SEEK board ) with a bunch

of tiny holes in it. These holes let you easily insert electronic components build and test any

electronic circuit