Genuine & Original Parts

All electrical parts and components are genuine; Students will become familiar with the electrical parts that they see in every electronic device.

Completely safe

Seek kits are powered only using a low Dc current supplied by batteries of 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 & 7.5 Volts. The use of an Ac current is not required.
No Soldering, No Screws, No Mechanical Tools

Seek smart system is more reliable compared to other Systems, as the electrical parts and components doesn’t required to be soldered or fixed with the screw onto the PCB. it Is a  simple seeding system, which works simply by fitting the parts on the Pcb using special sockets, that takes a Second to fit it.


 In most electrical learning Systems, we could find the limitation of experiments that can be conducted, and the requirements of using tools such as fixing screws or soldering, the fact that eliminates the multi using for more than one experiment at a time using the same components. While using Seek system you can build unlimited numbers of experiments using the same components, thank you for the Practicality of the plug and play sockets, that allows to plug in each component on the Pcb easily.

Durability And Long Life Operation

Seek System is built durable enough protected to last a long time. It has No fragile components, and all Parts are easy to replace in case of loss or damage

Practical System And a Self-Learning

Seek Kits based on implementation and application of a simple and useful self-learning System that enables the Students to perform  and design different practical experiments models with little prior information provided in additional to their innovative skills too, thus they would be an active innovative element , not Just a passive participant or viewer for their teachers offering theoretical education .

Achieves The Fun

SEEK Kits are easy and a fun way to teach all ages.